JULY 9, 2008:  In yoga, there is a word for the sweetness of honey called “madhurya”.  This idea of being able to really taste and savor all of our life experiences.  To me it is the practice of falling in love with being ourselves over and over each day.  I have not always easily embraced this as a life practice. There were certainly times growing up that being a little different (with parents that spoke English as a second language) that I was not comfortable being myself. 

My yoga practice has put me at ease with being in my own skin.  I credit in great part the movement of breath connected to asana as having changed me.  I love the poses in all they have taught me about acceptance, patience and self-inspired self-confidence.

Keep seeking out the newness of experiences in your life.  You are a love anthropologist and astronaut all at the same time! 

One way I showcase my comfort in me being me is my musical tastes in class playlists as well as playful choreography.  For sure I hope you enjoy the sweetness of both as I offer them to you from my heart! 

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