OCTOBER 8, 2010.Yes we are in the season of Change.&amp;nbsp; Everthing around is us evolving from one thing to another and yoga philosophy reminds us that change is an inherant part of life. Life will move forward nonetheless so for us it is a choice as to how we align with that forward momentum or fight what is here now.&amp;nbsp; This transition, as all transitions in life, is more challenging than actually arriving at one's destination. And during times of transition a more easeful yoga practice is helpful.&amp;nbsp; This is when amadhurya, the "sweetness" of universal intelligence, is calling to us to take our experiences and churn them in the beehive of our hearts.&amp;nbsp; While your heart and mind churn the honey in the beehive you can be more gentle with yourself, allowing the practice to nourish you as things change around you and within you.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/p&gt;</p>
<p>&lt;p&gt;I hope to see you return to your yoga practice to nourish the parched places inside and to help you be as elegant as you are in navigating the currents of grace and change herself! Please bring a friend and they will &lt;strong&gt;receive 30 days UNLIMITED yoga for $30 &lt;/strong&gt;and YOU get entered to win 2 months UNLIMITED yoga.&amp;nbsp; The more friends you bring, the more lives you change, and the more times you get entered to win!&amp;nbsp; Help us share more yoga this month.&amp;nbsp; Love yourself, love your day, love your life! Silvia&lt;/p&gt;</p>
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MARCH 9TH, 2009:  Today we started by asking ourselves how would we describe our complete selves to someone that didn't know us in just a few words?  We silently told this to the person to our right, then our left.  For some of us this was easy, for others of us this idea of explaining our complete selves posed a difficulty.  We are often really good at describing a part of us, a body part, one aspect of our personality, just our role at work but when asked to describe the sweet WHOLENESS of us we get stumped.

When a hero of mine, Donna Farhi was asked "what is yoga"  she responded "In its broadest sense Yoga is a return to wholeness.  There is an uncomprimising belief in yoga philosophy that wholeness is our implicit birthright.  But most of us forget our wholeness, or in yogic terms we forget our true nature, and we live in a kind of illusion that we are alone.  We suffer from a kind of SPIRITUAL AMNESIA that makes us feel separate from our authentic selves, separate from others, separate from nature."

Now I've never had amnesia but I understand how it works I think.  And forgetting who we are or how our parts go together is like not remembering.  When we are on the mat coordinating the democracy of ourselves together into a pose we regain this connection, we practice remembering to remember wholeness is us.  The experience of wholeness is like a coming home after experiencing a lot of different things like a bee visiting flower to flower, a real sweetness (mudhurya) exists here.  My hope is that through anchoring our selves back into our body we can use the Yoga to restore this feeling of wholeness and ultimately our sense of connection to the world.  Give peace a chance, give your whole life a chance and help me seek to bring a sweet wholeness back to our families, communities and world!  Love to you all, Silvia


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NOVEMBER 26TH, 2008:  This day before Thanksgiving let’s share one or two sweet things that you experienced today, tasting, seeing, feeling…with yoga we can be like the bee going flower to flower to drink in sweet nectar from various experiences. I encourage you to grow so comfortable with yourself that you don't need my permission to try different poses, different expressions all in a way to help you replenish anywhere within you that has been restricted from sweetness.   

 You deserve it!  And the better you feel the more you see yourself worthy of sweet treats and experiences the more peaceful you become.  In the words of Thich Nhat Hanh, "If we are peaceful, if we are happy, we can smile and blossom like a flower, and everyone in our family, our entire society, will benefit from our peace."  Today, don't deprive yourself of sweetness instead feed your cravings for a sweet and tender kiss, a chocolate, a pose, a food.  Try it all!  With a heart bursting with good things, Silvia


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JULY 9, 2008:  In yoga, there is a word for the sweetness of honey called “madhurya”.  This idea of being able to really taste and savor all of our life experiences.  To me it is the practice of falling in love with being ourselves over and over each day.  I have not always easily embraced this as a life practice. There were certainly times growing up that being a little different (with parents that spoke English as a second language) that I was not comfortable being myself. 

My yoga practice has put me at ease with being in my own skin.  I credit in great part the movement of breath connected to asana as having changed me.  I love the poses in all they have taught me about acceptance, patience and self-inspired self-confidence.

Keep seeking out the newness of experiences in your life.  You are a love anthropologist and astronaut all at the same time! 

One way I showcase my comfort in me being me is my musical tastes in class playlists as well as playful choreography.  For sure I hope you enjoy the sweetness of both as I offer them to you from my heart! 

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