Restorative Aerial Yoga
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Price: $45.00

with Jessi Rae

Join us for the first ever Restorative Aerial Yoga with Jessi Rae at Total Body Yoga! This 2 hour workshop will guide you through the therapeutic and softer side of Aerial Yoga. Learn how to utilize the hammock as a yoga prop to aid in yin and restorative like postures. This practice is meant to increase flexibility, and decrease stress and tension in the body. 

No prior experience necessary.

Ages 16 & up

Jessi Rae began her journey into yoga as an early teenager practicing with her mother. She didn’t know why at the time but it was something that just clicked, like a light stwitch had just been turned on. She fell in love with the exploration and the connection of the mind and body through movement and breath.  In 2008 she traveled to Costa Rica to train and receive her 200- Hour Interdisciplinary Yoga teacher training at Nosara Yoga Institute. She immediately fell in love with the act of teaching and sharing yoga with others.  She first began teaching at a physical therapy center in Arlington Heights IL, working with clients to build, strengthen, and enhance the flexibility in the their bodies. Teaching at a medical type facility challenged her as an instructor and gave her a better understanding of the healing elements of yoga.  She has since traveled to India to further her knowledge of yoga and has continued to teach locally and internationally at various different studios.