Private Yoga

Private Yoga
A private yoga class is a powerful way to deepen your practice and develop enhanced mind-body awareness.

In your private class you will receive individual attention with dialog and adjustments specifically tailored for your needs. Each posture has manual adjustments that will help you to understand the relationships between the muscle groups and body parts being engaged and lengthened. To develop a deeper understanding of how your body engages in each posture, the instructor will apply gentle but firm pressure in specific areas so that your body's natural intuition will be enhanced. Remember, there is never any strain placed on your body, either by you or the instructor. The philosophy of yoga is about the approach-how your body engages in the posture to the best of your ability, not how far you go. Also, if you have questions, they can be addressed immediately.

A one-on-one session is recommended, but if you would like to offset the cost, two students can schedule a private class together and still receive valuable individual attention and adjustments.

Schedule your private class today and see your life practice improve dramatically!

1 Hour Single Session $100