Shannon Thomas

Shannon  Thomas

“When we let go of the continual construction of a self or even the need to be a ‘somebody’, then we are free to be who we are. When we are completely ourselves, we forget about needing to be the center of our perceptual world and thus we can take in others and our environment with greater sensitivity, compassion, and openness.”

-Michael Stone


I started practicing yoga at age 20.  From the moment I stepped foot on the mat, there was a love connection that continues to grow.  Yoga is so much more than the practice on the mat.  It’s also about fostering love and community.  To this day, my yoga community is the place where I never have to worry about fitting in or impressing others. The gift of being both studio manager of Total Body Yoga and a teacher is witnessing how this discipline is transformational for everyone, regardless of gender, creed, race, background or body type.


Yoga helps me reconnect to my center. As a single mom to four children, continually finding this peace within myself is essential to me being a balanced parent and person. This is yet another example of how yoga goes far beyond the postures. By nature, the discipline works from the inside out, spilling over into and informing daily life. For these reasons and more, I will forever be a student. Teaching yoga is just a continuation of that learning.


I went through teacher training at Total Body Yoga in 2014. In addition to my certification, I have numerous practice hours with experienced teachers. I’m also involved in community work, offering yoga to underserved populations. With more than a decade of management experience, I’m thrilled to be combining my abilities and sharing my passion with my family and the yoga community.