Stephanie Rehor

Stephanie   Rehor

Stephanie began her journey in 2011 while studying psychology at UI Chicago. Living a fast paced city life was difficult for her because stress was so ingrained in the system but she was extremely aware of the negative effects it had. She questioned, how can we better manage anxiety? This lead to the cultivation of a meditation practice and she quickly felt how breath awareness and mindfulness reduced her stress and gave her a better quality of life. This discovery was so exciting that she wanted to learn more about how she could share this with the world. Stephanie trained to be a meditation and yoga teacher and connection and presence became the main focal point of her teachings. In addition, Stephanie also enjoys writing and has had her work published in yoga journals. She is a firm believer in the power of words and sees her writing as another outlet to uplift people. Stephanie loves to explore the richness of yoga and shares this message with a lightness and playful energy.