Happy Cleaning

Happy Cleaning!


“Re-doing” is exciting. Even on the smallest scale—cleaning out a drawer, for example, or reorganizing a few files, or disposing of spoiled food from the refrigerator. If the project occurs on a larger scale, as in painting a room, vacuuming an entire home, or rearranging furniture, we feel especially exhilarated. Any time we de-clutter and make space, in fact, we gift ourselves with renewal. Not really coincidentally, as yogis know, we encounter the same renewal when we step on our mats. Through breath and poses we de-clutter blockages from our bodies and make space for peace in our minds. And with regards to both kinds of de-cluttering, when we come together to accomplish it, the “good vibes” seem to multiply exponentially.

Imagine, then, the vibes that will be energizing Total Body Yoga in the weeks ahead! For sure, we’ll clean out drawers, reorganize files, and dispose of a lot of old stuff; we’ll also paint, improve the carpet, and rearrange furniture. But immediately after that, we’ll also come back together to our mats to continue practicing yoga, allowing life to flow through our bodies and peace to spread through our minds. And because we’ll accomplish all of this as a kula, or family, the positivity that shines up the studio—on all levels—will be perfectly amazing.