Kundalini Yoga: Myth & Reality

by Carol Crawford, TBY Teacher


  1. Kundalini yoga and subtle energy work can be dangerous.  


Myth. Each of us has life force energy within us, but often we don’t access or fully leverage this energy.  This energy is an innate part of us and no more dangerous than any other part of our body. Most yogis understand this energy in the context of the Chakra System. Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan employs rhythmic breath, exercise, meditation and mantra (or chanting) as a technology to optimize the free flow of energy up the central spine from first chakra (rectum) through 7th chakra (pineal gland or crown of the head). When practiced regularly, we balance our chakras, strengthen our aura (8th chakra), increase our physical strength, strengthen our glandular and nervous systems, and ultimately raise our awareness to reach a higher-consciousness or meditative state. Dwelling in the meditative mind brings about more stability, grace and peace in our lives and puts us in a position to uplift others around us. 


  1. Kundalini Yoga is better than chocolate cake, coffee, or Malbec wine! 


Reality. Don’t get me wrong –  I like a glass of wine. But the fact is that practicing Kundalini Yoga makes me personally feel better than I do after drinking that glass of Malbec and the effects are long-lasting and more far-reaching. Kundalini Yoga benefits us on many levels – mentally, spiritually and physically. Most of the time we seek out stimulants to escape reality or find relief from daily stresses. But once the buzz wears off, the mind returns to the mad cycle that led us to seek solace to begin with. During a Kundalini Kriya set – a Kriya is a set of actions to achieve a result such as “Kriya for Getting Rid of Anger” or “Kriya for Sciatic Nerve” – we alternate between stressing our physical, mental and nervous systems and then relaxing – the goal is to build strength and create balance. Kundalini Yogis practice patterns of breathing and movements that challenge us and sometimes can seem downright irritating, but then we rest –  allowing our minds, nerves and bodies to repair and rejuvenate. That is when we know the full impact of what we’ve created – a deeper awareness of our own vibrational energy and of ourselves.