Many Maybe’s

  By Laura Mills

    I love calendars. Something about putting up a pristine, empty calendar at the beginning of a new year—I guess it overwhelms me with possibility. It reminds me that, regardless of my intentions or plans for the time ahead, the future remains unwritten (and, truly, what a relief THAT is!). An empty calendar at the beginning of a new year, far more than being a collection of days or months at-a-glance, is a visual representation of one of my all-time favorite words: maybe.

    Maybe…. Maybe my family, friends, and self will stay healthy in 2014? Maybe I’ll finally get my hair cut short? Maybe I’ll add a few more yoga classes to my teaching schedule? Maybe I’ll actually write a blog every other week again? Maybe I’ll find a way to remove that watermark from the dining room table? Maybe my friend will find a job that fulfills her? Maybe my daughter will be potty-trained? Maybe I’ll really do a headstand in the middle of the room? Maybe I’ll fall I love? Maybe I’ll look back on 2014 and say, “What a fantastic year….”?

    Maybe not.

    But as long as I’m looking at empty calendar pages, the answer to every question is a very clear, “Maybe.”

    And that totally refreshes me. I was relieved to reach the end of 2013, a year which for me—at its best—was difficult. And now I’m looking at my empty 2014 calendar with a mixture of that relief plus excitement, anxiety, dread, anticipation…all with an echo of “maybe.” Some answers will be “yes,” some answers will be “no,” and some answers will be a gray in-between, I’m sure. But, as I look ahead to whatever 2014 brings, I believe somewhere among the “maybes” will be where the miracles happen.