When I began my yoga practice back in 2007, I knew:


1-Yoga originated in India a long time ago.

2-Yoga is a method of putting one’s body into different positions, and it’s relaxing.

3-One of the positions is called Downward Dog.

4-One might encounter incense, chimes, chants, and tea in a yoga class.


    While I gratefully expanded my knowledge of yoga over the years, one of the things that struck me most is that yoga remains “a practice” no matter how long one’s been doing it, no matter how much one knows, no matter how adept one is at various positions. There is always more to learn; there is always a deeper place, mentally or physically, to take one’s experience on the mat. Practicing yoga is like opening door after door after door…. And we receive so very much in return.


    Every teacher I’ve studied with has had his or her own teacher. Let me share some of their teachings with you in my “Introduction to Yoga” workshop on Saturday. Let me answer some of your questions….  What IS yoga, REALLY? How and when did it come to America? Why exactly is it relaxing? What does “Hatha” mean, and “Namaste?” And what are the different poses supposed to DO for a body, anyway? These topics and more we will explore and discuss, complete with an easeful mini-flow and relaxation at the end. Whether you are brand new to yoga or have been practicing for decades, you are welcome to practice with me this weekend and open some new doors of your own….