Perspective Reflection

Perspective Reflection


By Laura Mills


After this summerís heat, the first 65-degree day felt so good; my sweatshirt seemed like a hug from an old friend, and walking around in it was one of the highlights of my week. As was sleeping with the windows open, huddled under a blanket, snuggling with my cats.

Am I looking forward to fall weather? Yes. For now.

In the midst of rejoicing over the crisper weather I did realize I wasnít celebrating the weather itself, but merely the change. A 65-degree day in June, I know, would irritate me to no end. I would lament summerís delay and wish more than anything for a temperature reading of 90-plus just to kick-start the season. In June, I am always thrilled by that first really warm day, which in fact never fails to inspire me to fold the sweatshirts away.

If nothing else, I believe we should frequently pause to appreciate the changing nature of our perspectives, the extent to which our individual opinions, feelings, and even actions depend on variables like circumstances and timing.

Really makes one stop and think.