That Karma Thing


By Laura Mills


One afternoon this week I wandered into a coffee shop, looking for a cup of tea and the opportunity to catch up on an hour’s work between appointments. When I gave my order to the person at the register, she responded, “Oh. It’s on us.”

“What?” I said.

“It’s on us. It’s okay.”

She went about filling a paper cup with water and finding the appropriate tea bag; I stood speechless, suddenly wondering if something about me had caused her to think I was REALLY desperate for that tea, RIGHT NOW….

When she handed the cup over the counter, I asked, “Are you sure I don’t have to pay for this?”

She shook her head. “It’s okay.”

Maybe she did it because I happened to arrive during the down time between lunch and dinner; maybe she did it because her shift was just ending; maybe she did it because she had just received some wonderful news. But I realized as I sat down that for whatever reason this person had just blessed me…in the tiniest of ways, but blessed me nonetheless. And now, I felt inspired to do a tiny kindness to make someone else smile.

If the world is ever going to change, this is how it’s going to happen, I think.