Class Descriptions

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All Levels

Appropriate for all levels of practitioner and assumes a basic working knowledge of yoga. Students with various levels of skill will be given a basic framework plus options for either a less challenging or more challenging approach.

Gentle Basics

A slower-paced, nurturing practice with some introductory work in standing poses.


The foundations of yoga are taught with a strong emphasis on alignment in standing postures.The perfect class to build your yoga practice. Appropriate for beginning students and those looking brush up on fundamentals.

Level 1

A deeper focus on alignment and a step up from basics yoga classes. Some intermediate postures will be introduced and familiar postures will be taught with more comprehensive alignment cues. This level is good for regular practitioners looking to grow in strength and awareness.

Level 1-2

Similar to level 1 but with some more intermediate options in many poses.

Candlelight Flow

The mood of the studio changes when the lights go out and the candles are lit. This flow-based class is featured on Thursday evenings. This class is appropriate for all levels.

Warm Flow

Much like a Level 1-2 class, but we warm up the room before practice begins.This practice will have a more detailed focus on vinyasa and will challenge practitioners to grow in strength, flexibility and awareness.

Restorative Yoga

Practice postures that promote deep relaxation. Supported poses that help renew and restore both physically and mentally. Restorative yoga is appropriate for any level of practitioner.

Restore & Meditate

Practice postures that promote deep relaxation. Supported poses that help renew and restore both physically and mentally. Couple this calming yoga practice with meditation and yoga nidra (guided savasana) and you have a practice that renewing for the body and the mind. Appropriate for any level of practitioner.

Pre and Postnatal Yoga

Prepare mentally, physically and emotionally for labor and delivery and promote your baby’s health with this class designed for expectant mothers and those who have recently given birth. Breath awareness, alignment in poses and stretching are emphasized in a welcoming environment.

Yin Yoga

A slower paced practice with a meditative focus on supported postures that are held for longer periods. Yin yoga poses focus on rehydrating the body and increasing flexibility and mobility by increasing circulation in the joints, ligaments and tendons by lengthening the fascia with deep stretching.

Myofascial Release

Increase flexibility and function, restore motion, reduce tightness and alleviate pain through self-myofascial release techniques including yin yoga and gentle yoga. Fascia is a band or sheet of connective tissue, underneath the skin, that runs throughout the body.


Kundalini yoga is a dynamic blend of postures, breath work, chanting, music and meditation, which teach you the art of relaxation and self-healing. Balancing body and mind enables you to experience the clarity and beauty of your soul. No previous experience in yoga is required.

Kundalini Sadhana

A special, early morning Kundalini yoga practice. Sadhana means a daily spiritual practice. The yogic scriptures call for at least two-and-a-half hours of sadhana before the rising of the sun. The two-and-a-half hours is determined by the law of karma–everything you give, you receive back tenfold. Getting up for sadhana is a victory over time and doing sadhana together is a victory over space. Sadhana is considered a self-victory.

Private Instruction

Private yoga class is a powerful way to deepen your practice and develop a home practice, or work on something specific like rehabbing an old injury. Call 847-266-9642 or email help@totalbodyyoga.com to schedule an appointment.