New Year Blessings & Healing Meditation
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Price: $30.00

With Bhante Sujatha and Friends

Join us as the venerable Bhante Sujatha and Buddhist monks from The Blue Lotus Temple come to Total Body Yoga for an unforgettable blessing experience

The monastic team of the Blue Lotus Temple will chant The Ratana Sutras, a 2600-year-old chant The Buddha repeated for worldwide good health, healing and blessings.

We will come together as a spiritual community to set an intention, let go of what is no longer serving us and clear the way for unconditional love from ourselves and others. A blessing is an attempt to contact and share that which is good, particularly in a divine sense. Our practice will include connecting with the force of goodness inside each of us and to invite this 'energy' into a particular situation to help the whole world.  

Together we will bathe the Buddha by each pouring scented, blessed water over a Buddha statue while making intentions for our lives and the world. The Buddha image embodies the enlightened presence of the Buddha. This ritual comes in different forms in each country that it is practiced in, but they are all throwbacks to a single sacred story. It is a story that brings sentient beings together in a joyful celebration of a promise. That promise is nothing less than the end of suffering and ignorance.

Join the monastics of the Blue Lotus Temple for this special ceremony of blessing and prayer to experience the healing power of unconditional love and to receive well-wishes as you practice nobility and peace in this life. Bring your malas or any other items that you wish to be blessed.

Please bring your family.

Space is limited, pre-registration is required.

Proceeds go Bhante Sujatha's incubator and hospital project in Sri Lanka