Foundation Fighting Blindness Fundraising Flow
2:00 pm to 3:30 pm
Price: $.00

with Andrew Gurvey

Suggested donation: $25

Come join Andrew Gurvey for an All Levels Flow Class, the proceeds of which will be donated to the Foundation Fighting Blindness.  Andrew's good friend Josh, who he knows through his work at the Mankind Project, has a loved one who is suffering from Usher Syndrome. After learning what that was and how this would affect both the loved one and the family, Andrew and Josh collaborated  to form a fundraiser to support the organization that is helping to find treatments and cures for this and the spectrum of degenerative retinal diseases, the Foundation Fighting Blindness.  To learn more about the Foundation Fighting Blindness, click HERE

Andrew asked Josh if he wouldn't mind sharing his story about his loved one and how it has affected him and his family.  Here is Josh's story:

My name is Josh Singh. I have a family member with Usher Syndrome, which causes both hearing loss and vision loss. Learning about this diagnosis was very hard. My loved one's hearing loss has been treated with great success with hearing aids. However, there is no current cure or treatment for the vision loss. It is quite painful to see my family member's vision deteriorate slowly over time. I've learned the best I can do is raise money to fund scientists who are working to find a cure for blindness. Leading researchers believe there will be a cure within the next decade. Already doctors have found ways to slow down some types of vision loss and to restore some vision using technology. With your donation, we can do much more to bring light and hope to those having trouble seeing.

We would like to achieve the goal of raising at least $500.  All donations and proceeds from this yoga class will go directly to the Foundation Fighting Blindness.  The suggested donation is $25, but feel free to give less or more, depending on what works for you.

If you wish to donate directly to this Fundraiser, please click on the link below.