Demystifying Kundalini Yoga- A Free Workshop
5:00 pm to 6:15 pm
Price: $.00

with Michelle Fiore

Are you curious about what happens in a Kundalini Yoga class? Does it interest you, but has something been holding you back? Come to Michelle’s free workshop  

In a casual environment we will:

1.    Explain what Kundalini Energy is & all of its resulting benefits

2.    Explain the basic structure of a typical Kundalini Yoga class

3.    Share a bit about the history of Kundalini Yoga in the West

4.    Answer any & all of your questions

5.    If there is time, we will practice a couple of basic exercises.

6.    Explain why white is often worn to class (never a requirement)

7.    Explain why the teacher covers her head (never a requirement for students)