Squirrel in Reverse


By Laura Mills       I plopped into my car after bringing my daughter to a class. 1pm and I was already beat…. And it hadn’t been that extraordinarily busy of a day so far, either—only that after the craziness of the last few weeks I had lost track of the day and the time and, it seemed, life in general. This day I was lucky to have managed my daughter’s drop-off at the correct time in the appropriate place.     While I stared out the window, catching my breath, a squirrel approached my car from across the parking lot—then appeared [...]

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“Undo,” Not “To Do”


By Laura Mills       It’s easy to put myself last when gift giving. What I give myself is often hardly a gift anyway; stress, that unwelcome yet persistent part of the holidays, sneaks in and gets cozy as I list, decorate, shop, wrap, rush and socialize. Unfortunately, over the years I’ve realized I harbor a certain over-confidence in my ability to manage stress (“Stress? Never! I teach yoga, for goodness’ sake!”); at the end of the most hectic days, I consistently find that the hardest part of stress management is remembering to do it.     Undoubtedly, I keep [...]

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Winter Prescription


  By Laura Mills       Ah, mid-January…the time of year when we drag the last of the holiday decorations into the crawlspace, vacuum the remaining tinsel and tree needles out of the carpet, and add up and file away all those holiday receipts. The wind is cold and suddenly not so festive; vacation days once again need saving; we’re hearing the first advertisements related to tax time….     Some days, the smallest bit of enthusiasm is totally absent. Accomplishing anything—from merely getting out of bed to productively working, or even just stepping on a yoga mat—requires considerable effort. We all [...]

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