Practice to Practice


  By Laura Mills         This week I’ve invited my students to consider the word “practice.” Obviously, we refer to every 60 or 75 minutes on our yoga mats as a practice; in a larger sense, some of us refer to our routine of attending classes and maybe other aspects of our lifestyle collectively as our yoga practice. Off the mat, we practice sports, music, dance, and other activities that we’ve made ongoing parts of our lives. And some professionals like doctors, dentists, and lawyers refer to their work as their practice.      Without looking up the word [...]

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  By Laura Mills       At this midpoint of 2014, consider: how many times this year so far have you asked yourself “What next?” It’s a question that reflects our awareness of life’s constant flow…and whether we ask it with enthusiasm or exasperation reflects whether we feel we’re flowing with life or struggling against it.     Lately, when I’ve thought “What next?” it’s been in the context of life’s flow feeling too fast and too strong. Time has passed, things have happened….  In posing the question again and again with a heavy sigh, I’ve admitted that that time and those [...]


Happy Cleaning


Happy Cleaning!   “Re-doing” is exciting. Even on the smallest scale—cleaning out a drawer, for example, or reorganizing a few files, or disposing of spoiled food from the refrigerator. If the project occurs on a larger scale, as in painting a room, vacuuming an entire home, or rearranging furniture, we feel especially exhilarated. Any time we de-clutter and make space, in fact, we gift ourselves with renewal. Not really coincidentally, as yogis know, we encounter the same renewal when we step on our mats. Through breath and poses we de-clutter blockages from our bodies and make space for peace in our [...]

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