Thanksgiving in May


By Laura Mills The first week of May is one of the year’s most special times for me, being the anniversary of the day I first met my daughter. Two years ago this week I was in China introducing myself to a 17-month-old little girl whom the universe had predestined for my family….  The moment I met her and began my journey as her mommy is the moment of most profound gratitude in my life. And even though the many moments since then—parenting and otherwise—have included innumerable challenges and even great heartache, I can always recall that moment in China [...]

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Ready for Savasana


  By Laura Mills     In my last blog post I wrote about May being the month in which I encounter my most notable life “landmarks,” such as my daughter’s adoption day anniversary and my birthday, and that therefore it’s the month in which I feel the greatest sense of time and change. Now, as May ends, even as I sadly eat the last of the cake, I can’t help but feel relief. It was a fun, happy month to be sure, but the truth is…it’s hard to celebrate constantly!     In my house May is like a second holiday season, [...]

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A Few Short Weeks


  By Laura Mills       June is nearly over…it’s a fact, but it’s something I’m having trouble believing. I feel like June just started—no, I feel like May just started. Except earlier this week I got invited to a Fourth of July get-together…. The truth is I’ve allowed this summer so far to slip away much more quickly than I’d like. Before I know it, August will be here and I’ll feel the need to start planning for fall and beyond.     It’s just too easy to get caught up in our “stuff,” isn’t it? Everyday stresses like chores [...]

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Time for Time


  By Laura Mills        I keep a notebook on my kitchen table in which I list everything I intend to do each day. It’s a dynamic list, one to which I constantly add and on which I sometimes move items around. Occasionally, I even cross items off. This is my master calendar, my manual for running my life. I keep an abbreviated version of this calendar on my phone, which comes with me everywhere—and which also gets stored on my computer, thus creating a third calendar. I also have a hanging calendar in my kitchen and a desk calendar in [...]

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For You


  By Laura Mills     I dedicate today’s post to you, the person reading this. Thank you so much! Whether you are a first-time reader or someone who has followed for a while, know that I greatly appreciate your attention. I have always felt that the words I write flow so much more easily than the words I speak; just as my yoga mat is the place I best physically express myself, the page (or screen) is the place I best verbally express myself. You honor me by spending time reading this expression.     Over the years I have written a [...]

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To Yoga or Not To Yoga


  By Laura Mills     “Like a kid at the beginning of a new school year,” I told my friend, describing myself the night before my return to teaching after a two-month leave. “I double- and triple-checked my yoga bag and worried about how out-of-shape I felt. I’d barely done any yoga since April.”   When I thought about it later, though, I wondered…. True, during my leave I hadn’t practiced asana more than a handful of times. I’d hardly even stretched. And I didn’t meditate at all, or even sit quietly, for that matter.   Still, I wasn’t idle. I [...]

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One of the Finer Things


 By Laura Mills       Remember that friend from 2nd grade, that “best friend” who sat next to you and sometimes accompanied you to the park after school? Remember also that friend from high school, that one you sat with at lunch and ran track with, whom you thought had the coolest parents? And then remember that friend from college, that one who studied US History with you and played cards with you on Saturday afternoons?      Obviously, our friends and friendships change as we get older and our lives fill with more commitments and larger concerns. We have less time for [...]

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Yogic Thank-you Note


Yogic Thank-you Note   By Laura Mills     I recently learned I need to replace a water spigot in my garage. It’s never worked correctly, really—instead of ejecting a smooth stream of water, it has hiss and spit at me for the last 12 years. This year, though, the condensation from the old pipe is causing a particular mess in the garage and, from there, the basement…a mess I discovered when I arrived home Monday evening. It’s at these moments I am most grateful for yoga, these stomach-churning, heart-quickening, mouth-drying moments. While in the past I would immediately fret about [...]

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I unrolled my mat and made sure the music I wanted was ready to go. Greatly anticipated, it was to be a quiet hour of yoga with a friend at my home, and thus I took great care in creating the perfect atmosphere and space. As I waited for my friend to arrive, I sat down with a jotted sequence of poses; reading over it, somewhere between Tadasana and Uttanasana the words "I love yoga" floated through my mind. I paused, struck by the words' abrupt appearance, their simplicity, and the fact that my thinking them didn't surprise me at all.   Indeed, [...]