The Yoga of Politics


by Stephanie Rehor   Being a yogi and political activist are two things that do not always jive. Before yoga, I had an affinity towards protests and to this day the thought of loud chaotic bantering and free flowing radical expression still excites me.  Since I’ve turned to yoga, I am still an activist but I look at things in a different light. This light is more in touch with reality and how change will actually manifest. I take this inspiration from great yoga teachers, such as Seane Corn, founder of the yoga activist group Off the Mat into the World. [...]

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Green Glimmer


  By Laura Mills    I’ve never been very active in conservation or environmental activism. Sure, I recycle, I try not to waste paper, I only turn on the washing machine and dishwasher when they’re full…but I’ve never done anything out of the ordinary to lessen my impact on the planet. This summer, though, as the hotter-than-usual temperatures kept appearing on the weather outlook, I started to think more and more about my impact.   I know if I really wanted, I could take any of a number of actions like joining an environmental group or “greening” my daily routine as much [...]

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That Karma Thing


  By Laura Mills   One afternoon this week I wandered into a coffee shop, looking for a cup of tea and the opportunity to catch up on an hour’s work between appointments. When I gave my order to the person at the register, she responded, “Oh. It’s on us.” “What?” I said. “It’s on us. It’s okay.” She went about filling a paper cup with water and finding the appropriate tea bag; I stood speechless, suddenly wondering if something about me had caused her to think I was REALLY desperate for that tea, RIGHT NOW…. When she handed the cup [...]

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