Practice to Practice


  By Laura Mills         This week I’ve invited my students to consider the word “practice.” Obviously, we refer to every 60 or 75 minutes on our yoga mats as a practice; in a larger sense, some of us refer to our routine of attending classes and maybe other aspects of our lifestyle collectively as our yoga practice. Off the mat, we practice sports, music, dance, and other activities that we’ve made ongoing parts of our lives. And some professionals like doctors, dentists, and lawyers refer to their work as their practice.      Without looking up the word [...]

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Being a Name


  By Laura Mills     “Mommy, where’s a person’s name?”     I looked at my daughter, confused. “What do you mean?”     “I mean…is it in my head? Is it in my body somewhere? Where can I find my name?”     Finally understanding the question—and amazed at this rather profound thought of my four-year-old—I answered: “Well, your name isn’t a thing that’s inside you. Like if I looked in your mouth, I wouldn’t see anything with your name on it.” I considered. “I suppose your name is a thought in your mind, because when you see it [...]

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Meditation Confession


  By Laura Mills   A question non-yogis often ask me upon learning I teach yoga is: “Do you meditate?” And when I answer yes, they seem either impressed or scared. I guess much like asana practice, or even the yogic lifestyle itself, many non-yogis maintain a preconceived notion of what meditation is or involves. Since as many definitions of meditation, techniques for meditation, and opinions of meditation exist as there are meditating people out there, just for the record here’s my current take on it….    When I sit to meditate, I sit comfortably in a peaceful place—not necessarily a [...]

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To Yoga or Not To Yoga


  By Laura Mills     “Like a kid at the beginning of a new school year,” I told my friend, describing myself the night before my return to teaching after a two-month leave. “I double- and triple-checked my yoga bag and worried about how out-of-shape I felt. I’d barely done any yoga since April.”   When I thought about it later, though, I wondered…. True, during my leave I hadn’t practiced asana more than a handful of times. I’d hardly even stretched. And I didn’t meditate at all, or even sit quietly, for that matter.   Still, I wasn’t idle. I [...]

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Yoga All the Time


 By Laura Mills   I hadn’t noticed it coming on, but suddenly one day after breakfast I felt “icky”—and within the next few hours I realized I had a bit of summer stomach flu. Physically miserable and mentally frustrated, I had no energy with which to do my typical weekend activities like laundry and housecleaning. And, of course, with which to practice asanas…which particularly irked me. With TBY closed for renovation, I had intended to practice at home. But since the stomach flu is a poor companion to asana practice, I opted begrudgingly to curl up on the couch in what [...]

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Practice Never Perfect…Thank Goodness By Laura Mills    My first yoga teacher suggested I practice balance daily, even if only to lift one foot an inch at a time. But at the beginning of my yoga life, I barely practiced anything outside my once-a-week class. I tried to fit in a little balance here and there, but only after many random and frustrating foot-lifts did I successfully incorporate it into every day. Eventually, as my yoga life progressed, I understood that balance isn’t something to be learned once and then mastered, like tying a shoe, but instead is a process that continues [...]