The Yoga of Politics


by Stephanie Rehor   Being a yogi and political activist are two things that do not always jive. Before yoga, I had an affinity towards protests and to this day the thought of loud chaotic bantering and free flowing radical expression still excites me.  Since I’ve turned to yoga, I am still an activist but I look at things in a different light. This light is more in touch with reality and how change will actually manifest. I take this inspiration from great yoga teachers, such as Seane Corn, founder of the yoga activist group Off the Mat into the World. [...]

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Why Restore?


Why Restore?   By Laura Mills   Earlier this week I attended one of TBY's Restorative Yoga classes. I don't often practice Restorative, but this particular day I happened to be at the studio at just the right time. I love how I feel after a Restorative class, and I know I would definitely benefit from more frequent practice of it. But given a choice between Restorative Yoga and a more-quickly-moving Vinyasa flow, I opt for Vinyasa most of the time. As someone who can barely sit still even when tired, the thought of holding any pose longer than a few [...]

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Opening Always – By Laura Mills


When I began my yoga practice back in 2007, I knew:   1-Yoga originated in India a long time ago. 2-Yoga is a method of putting one’s body into different positions, and it’s relaxing. 3-One of the positions is called Downward Dog. 4-One might encounter incense, chimes, chants, and tea in a yoga class.       While I gratefully expanded my knowledge of yoga over the years, one of the things that struck me most is that yoga remains “a practice” no matter how long one’s been doing it, no matter how much one knows, no matter how adept one is [...]

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Heartbreak and Yoga


by Stephanie Rehor   For me, Valentine's Day has not been the swoon worthy, chocolate devouring, love fest that was once promised. The disappointments began when I was in second grade. The day had finally come for the class Valentine's Day party and I was going to confess my love to the cutest boy in class. I mustered enough courage to walk up to him and gave him, what I thought to be, quite the romantic note. Trembling, I watched as he read it. I waited for a reaction but he just kept staring at the letter. Time seemingly stood still [...]

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Kundalini Yoga: Myth & Reality


by Carol Crawford, TBY Teacher   Kundalini yoga and subtle energy work can be dangerous.     Myth. Each of us has life force energy within us, but often we don't access or fully leverage this energy.  This energy is an innate part of us and no more dangerous than any other part of our body. Most yogis understand this energy in the context of the Chakra System. Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan employs rhythmic breath, exercise, meditation and mantra (or chanting) as a technology to optimize the free flow of energy up the central spine from first chakra (rectum) through 7th [...]

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TBY Teacher Feature: Audrey Craddock


TBY Featured Teacher:Audrey CraddockA Passion for Practice Interviewed by Julia Jonson Describe your journey into yoga and how it’s impacted your daily life. In my early 20's I bought a yoga DVD and started practicing in the privacy of my living room. I wanted to become more flexible and stronger and had heard great things about yoga, so I gave it a shot. I wasn't consistent though, and eventually stopped.  Many years later I began to suffer from sciatica and was encouraged by a chiropractor to take up yoga again.  I actually took my very first class at Total Body Yoga [...]

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Turn Fear Into Curiosity


  By Desiree Rumbaugh Co-author of Fearless After Fifty: How to Thrive With Grace, Grit and Yoga     In my thirty years of practice, including owning a yoga studio for fifteen years, and my twenty years of traveling the world teaching yoga, I have had the good fortune of meeting and learning from students from diverse backgrounds. One recurrent pattern of thinking that I have often heard is the idea that our yoga practice should decrease in intensity as we get older. Many people feel that they no longer need to push themselves in their practice and they are more [...]

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Beginner Meditation Series Overview


  By now you have probably heard a lot about meditation.  You may have read about the benefits, the different types of meditation, and possibly the “right” way to do it. You may be too intimidated to try it or perhaps you’ve tried and been so frustrated by your racing thoughts, that you’ve given up. If you’d like to learn how to meditate in a warm and accepting environment, this series is for you.  I believe I present mindfulness meditation in a simple, direct, and easy to understand way.  The practice of meditation is just that – a practice.  They do not call it mindfulness perfection.  We all [...]

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Constant Clearing


By Laura Mills Twice a year I try to wash my windows, at least the ones most spotted with water marks, dirt, cat nose prints or anything else. And afterwards, I am always amazed at the difference a newly-cleaned window makes to my view. I've heard several teachers mention it, but I agree that cleaning is a powerful metaphor for yoga as well as many other positive methods we employ to release inner build-up. We accumulate grime all the time: emotions, stress, attachments, and other residues of life. And in order to restore our optimal views, we require elbow grease in [...]

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Yogi Study


The eyes of some of my non-yogi friends widen when they see me order a turkey sandwich for lunch or take a diet soda from my fridge, reminding me that many people maintain a preconceived notion of what a “yogi” is or should be. I do consider myself a yogi. But I don’t grow my own anything or regularly buy organic. I forget to bring reusable grocery bags to the store. I know nothing about herbs or essential oils. I am ridiculously impatient (just tell a hungry me I have to wait 20 minutes for a restaurant table…). And yes, I [...]

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