Yoga All the Time


 By Laura Mills   I hadn’t noticed it coming on, but suddenly one day after breakfast I felt “icky”—and within the next few hours I realized I had a bit of summer stomach flu. Physically miserable and mentally frustrated, I had no energy with which to do my typical weekend activities like laundry and housecleaning. And, of course, with which to practice asanas…which particularly irked me. With TBY closed for renovation, I had intended to practice at home. But since the stomach flu is a poor companion to asana practice, I opted begrudgingly to curl up on the couch in what [...]

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To Plan or Not to Plan


To Plan or Not To Plan   By Laura Mills   This Labor Day weekend I tested the effects of spontaneity on stress. I usually plan my days in great detail, sometimes an entire week in advance, believing for some unproven reason that planning keeps me organized. My extra-calm husband, Jamie, has long encouraged me to schedule less and flow more; when we discussed this particular weekend’s agenda, he suggested we “just see” what happened.   I awoke Saturday morning already jittery. My first thought was, “I have to do laundry, and I can’t forget to buy cat litter.” But Jamie [...]

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Calendar Caution


Calendar Caution   By Laura Mills    With regards to the passage of time, in my experience two categories of people exist: those who dread it, and those who welcome it. I’ve known people who refuse to discuss “next month” or “next year” for fear of what the future may bring, people who view the world as an inherently dangerous place in which nothing ever goes right. On the other hand, I’ve known people who anticipate the future as an opportunity for further fullness of life, people whose “What if…?” questions end with positive words, hopeful smiles and playful laughs.    [...]

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All-Over Adjustment


All-Over Adjustment   By Laura Mills    My adulthood so far has consisted of two phases: “Before Yoga” and “With Yoga.” In the first phase I worked a fine job and maintained my home life and body in the way I thought best for me. The plan worked, for a while, but by my late-twenties I had wedged myself into a meltdown between grief and confusion. In its midst, yoga seemed like something worth trying…and thus began the second phase. Since then, I’ve learned what changes to make and how to make them, as well as how to coexist with all [...]

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Putting the Party Away


Putting the Party Away   By Laura Mills   So TBYís Grand Re-opening is coming up on Sunday, September 18, and certainly it will be an amazing day that we long remember. But what will happen after that? We all know the expression, ìThe honeymoonís over; we've all experienced the day after our birthday or favorite holiday. And each one of us has at one time or another helped a friend clean up after a celebration, wistfully remarking at some point, Well, that was fun. Now what?î Happily, the day after let-down shouldn't affect any of us here at TBY (students, [...]

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Inspiration Everywhere


by: Laura Mills   Last Wednesday morning as I drove home from an early appointment, I played one of my recently-purchased songs: “Kyrie,” by Mr. Mister (as many of my students have heard in my classes, I’m a shameless child of the 80s). I bopped my head, then added steering wheel drumming, and by the time I arrived at my garage door I was dancing as much as is safely possible in the drivers’ seat of a moving car. Knowing that chores and another appointment awaited me in the afternoon, I hadn’t planned on practicing yoga when I got home. But [...]

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Trying something new…


Trying Something New By Laura Mills     I love Sunday afternoon yoga. It’s one of my favorite times to practice. It’s like my mental breakfast for the week; if I don’t get to a class on Sunday afternoon, I feel somewhat off kilter as I move ahead.   Usually occupied by social commitments or chores, Sunday afternoon hadn’t occurred to me as an optimal practice time until recently, one particular Sunday when I felt so stressed (I had been trying to set up a new computer) that I decided, “That’s it. I’m going to yoga.” This was a first; even after [...]

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Yogic Thank-you Note


Yogic Thank-you Note   By Laura Mills     I recently learned I need to replace a water spigot in my garage. It’s never worked correctly, really—instead of ejecting a smooth stream of water, it has hiss and spit at me for the last 12 years. This year, though, the condensation from the old pipe is causing a particular mess in the garage and, from there, the basement…a mess I discovered when I arrived home Monday evening. It’s at these moments I am most grateful for yoga, these stomach-churning, heart-quickening, mouth-drying moments. While in the past I would immediately fret about [...]

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