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Andrea Harris

I have been blessed with so many amazing things in my life that I don't even know where to start! First and foremost, I have 2 sets (yes!) of beautiful identical twin girls, ages 13 and 3. They consume a large part of myself and my time, but through the teachings of Yoga, I still allow myself to be "me", follow my passions, and make myself a priority. I have a wonderful husband who, for whatever reason, doesn't even flinch at the thought of living in a house with 5 ladies! A series of the crazy ups and downs of life are what brought me to Yoga, and I was a devoted student from day one. I could not get enough of the philosophy and the history. I actually read more than I practiced asana. Now I do both equally and love both equally. I fell into teaching 3 years ago (actually was pushed into). I was terrified, but immediately knew that I had found a place for me where I truly wanted to be. Loving my "job" for the first time in my life was a huge change for me, and I constantly strive to teach more and more. I love to spread all of the power, the fun, the freedom, and the sweetness of Yoga to as many who will listen. I truly hope to see you on the mat!