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Heather Helvey

My path to energy work started two years ago with my first Reiki attunement. I have been doing personal growth and transformation work through psychology for over 10 years. However,  I really gravitated towards energy healing because the effects of it quickly and powerfully changed my own life for the better. As I experienced how the mind, body, and soul work together as one, my path became clear... I wanted to help facilitate healing for others through this work. 

I’ve had a growing interest in holistic medicine since I began working with essential oils in 2014 and earned my 200-hour yoga teacher training credentials the following year. I believe that a healthy body and mind can prompt your spirit to blossom creating tremendous transformation. Yoga is an integral part of my life and it taught me how to breathe fully and be at home in my body.

As I began working with clients and found a passion for helping others heal--I was intuitively guided to a shaman with whom I began studying in November of  2018. Healing many of my own wounds gave me a deep sense of peace and I knew I’d found a new passion. Since then,  I have been guiding others through the healing processes that have helped me.  I’ve  also been Reiki attuned at the master/teacher level. Reiki and shamanism have become the perfect blend for me to assist others to evolve into happier versions of themselves. 

The benefits of sound healing are far and wide, which is why I incorporate it into my work. I’m especially drawn to frame drums and crystal sound bowls and the energy they carry. My sessions blend the modalities of Reiki, shamanism, oils, crystals, and sound.