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Stephanie Rehor

Stephanie first came on to the Path in 2011 while studying psychology at UI Chicago. Living a fast-paced city life was difficult for her because the stress was so ingrained in the system and she didn’t have the tools to cope. She questioned how we can better manage anxiety? This led to the cultivation of a meditation practice. This discovery was so exciting that she wanted to learn more about how she could share this with the world. Since becoming a yoga teacher and an active member in the spiritual community, Stephanie witnessed how the practice of yoga had the ability to support us, not only in managing anxiety, but also in healing our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. As a result, Stephanie started constructing her classes to support her students in their own unique healing journeys. She holds space and believes her role is to facilitate and guide while letting students be the creators of their experience. Stephanie likes to offer modifications and empowers those who take her classes to connect with their bodies and decide what is best for them. Her classes are always body positive and inclusive. She is a board member of Seeds of Love (SOL): Empowering People, a not-for-profit that brings yoga to underserved communities in Lake County. Stephanie is a licensed massage therapist and Reiki Master. She also enjoys writing and has appeared in yoga publications, as well as the Total Body Yoga blog. Overall, Stephanie believes that whatever we do in our yoga classes, it’s always important to not take ourselves too seriously and to have fun!