Teacher Bio2018-10-10T15:17:42-05:00

Susan Short

I was introduced to meditation during a very painful time in my life.  At the time I told the teacher that the last thing I needed was one more thing to do.  She responded that in committing to the practice, you will actually find you have more time.  Your attention becomes more focused, and you are able to complete tasks more quickly.  I actually rolled my eyes when she finished speaking, but she was right.  Not only was she right about focus, but meditation was also the bridge that brought me back to living life with joy and to living with a greater awareness of each moment.  Now, during the times I “forget”, I am more quickly able to recognize it and make the adjustments necessary to be present.  This is a cycle: remembering and being present, forgetting, remembering again, forgetting, and remembering.  This is part of what it means to be human.  This is the practice.

This is also why I teach, and this is what I hope you will gain from meditating.  It begins with stillness and awareness of your breath: this breath that you have never breathed before.  In practicing meditation, you deepen your commitment to be more present and peaceful for your life.