Scott Adelman

Scott  Adelman

In his search for mind, body, spirit connection Scott was influenced in his youth as to the benefits of a yogic & vegetarian lifestyle by his uncle & teacher Sri Ram. In 1995 he began studying in depth Tai Chi & Hatha Yoga, followed by intensive training in Bikram, Ashtanga, & Vinyasa Flow. In 2001 Scott attended Summer Solstice in New Mexico with over 1000 yoga teachers & students. All day intensives in Kundalini Yoga & White Tantric Meditation transformed his spiritual practice, & he was called to teach Kundalini Yoga.

"Kundalini Yoga: It is said in the scriptures that Kundalini Yoga is the fastest way to create transformation & an aligned relationship between the body, mind, & soul. The most important thing is your experience. It goes right to your heart. No words can replace that experience. "
--Yogi Bhajan Master of Kundalini Yoga

Scott is also the father of 6 beautiful children, a successful general contractor, & a senior staffer for the New Warrior & Path to Spirit trainings for men & women. 

What other hobbies do you have aside from yoga practice?
Playing with, caring for, & entertaining all my children and riding bicycles.

What is the title of a book that you have read recently that you could strongly recommend?
Serpent of Light, & The Rise of the Earths Kundalini. We are now in the cusp of transitioning from the piscean to the aquarian age of humankind.

What is one of your all-time favorite movies?
The Matrix Trilogy, it gives a very profound view of the illusion of life or maya that we all experience.

What is one of the funniest incidents that occurred in one of your yoga classes?
Funny, now that's humorous. I took yoga so seriously for so long, that it ain't funny, now I smile for no particular reason & am very lighthearted. I think about all the students who have tooted off while in a pose, normally this would be a rip roaring hoot of a time, but I gently remind them to pull their mulhaband without a big to do.

What is one of your all-time favorite �comfort� foods?
Chocolate, the darker the better & especially if it supports something wonderful.

What is your favorite color?
Yellow/orange, the color of our sun

Sample Playlist:
Anything in the Rhythm of Ashtang, The Aquarian Sadhana, Friends that Sound Like Angels.

What brought you to yoga?
All my life I visited my uncle Sri Ram the yogi. I was fascinated by his ability to be different yet awesomely cool. I remember him doing Tai Chi with his wife & literally pulling cloth through his nose, a form of netti. He was full of simple wisdom, great love, and deep devotion. I learned from him about being a vegetarian as a teen. My practice began, as a young man, as a way to deal with high stress. I still deal with unbelievable amounts of stress, but am able to keep up, stay centered, & flourish because of my practice.

What element, quality, or technique of yoga do you find most fascinating and why?
It is the heightened states created from intense practice, or the subtle vibration through mantra, & the ability to be still in body & mind, despite the chaotic conditions.

What is your favorite pose and why?
It is shavasana at this time. People don't take enough time for them selves, rushing hurrying & serving are common place. So those precious few moments of healed consciousness can totally rejuvenate & even elevate you to other dimensions.

What qualities are needed to be a good yoga teacher? (Or what qualities are needed to be a good student)
You recognize the divine spark within you, and your connection to the infinite. Then you must be able to transmit the technology through an experience in a way that ignites the spark in others. Students must ask questions & focus.