Saying Farewell to a Friend

I have a longstanding friendship with Mary Schooley, one of the teachers at our studio and a pillar in the TBY community. Since this is her last official week at the studio, I wanted to commemorate it by writing a little bit about my dear friend.

It goes without saying that Mary has been an incredible asset to TBY and its students.  As a teacher, she exemplifies what it means to be a team player to her fellow teachers and a model of what it means to be a good person.  Her soul has always shined through an emanation of warmth, kindness and compassion that, with her leave-taking,  will leave a dearth in our community in the years to come.

Mary and I go way back.  I remember first meeting her when I was teaching a class at Total Body Yoga (I think it was the Saturday morning class and I was subbing for Mara), long before it was ever thought about that Julia and I would become the owners.  She was in the back left corner of the room and was just excited and delighted to be practicing.  Some things never change.  We struck up conversation that day and it led to the beginning of a wonderful friendship.  I’ve always looked at Mary as the model of how I want to be and how I want to treat people. For years, we have had deep and meaningful conversations about everything from family to friendship to spirituality to how we handle our daily lives.  Every time I have ever had a conversation with Mary, I have always left feeling better and more fulfilled.

When there was turbulence in my life and I was looking for daily solutions on managing my emotions as well as working through some tricky situations, I came to Mary for help as I knew she would be there for me without judgment.  In addition to being a yoga teacher, Mary is also a purveyor of essential oils and an aromatherapist. When I came to her in need, she used her expertise to provide a number of natural remedies for me and my family that we still utilize to this day.

For those of you that come to the studio and notice how wonderful it smells, these are the essential oils that we put in the diffusers that were set up under Mary’s guidance, with oil mixtures that were provided by her and taught to me.  There were days I would walk into the studio and Mary would be filling up the diffusers with the appropriate seasonal blend to optimize whatever it was that people needed during that time.  Working with Mary on a business level, both as a yoga teacher and as a provider of essential oils for our studio has been a wonderful and gratifying experience.  How refreshing it is to work with someone who is honest, strong, confident, self-assured, kind and direct in the handling of business transactions.  Excellent business relationships are something to treasure, and we have this with Mary, which is something I will always appreciate.

The contributions that Mary Schooley has brought to our community through her teaching, her spirituality and who she is as a person, cannot be quantified through mere written paragraphs, but this was my condensed attempt to let you all know how lucky we have been to have Mary around.

Mary, on behalf of Total Body Yoga, the staff, me and Julia, we love you, we wish you well, we appreciate you and we are going to miss you greatly.

With Lots of Love,