Introduction to Yoga

Jan 29
Laura Mills
Introduction to Yoga

Introduction to Yoga

with Laura Mills

Are you new to yoga, or have you been practicing but want to refresh your basic knowledge? Yogis of all levels are invited to join Laura Mills in this 3-Part Series designed to shed light onto many of the main components of the yoga practice.

Week 2: The History of Yoga 

In this part of the series, we will learn how the practice of yoga started.  This will entail learning about some of the ancient Hindu scriptures as well as the sage Patanjali and his contributions to the practice of yoga.  Further, we will explore the arrival of yoga in the West.  The physical practice will continue with the theme of intention as well as an introduction to proper class etiquette, the use of props, and hands-on adjustments.

Monday, January 29, 2018

5:00 - 6:30 PM


  • Workshop: Introduction to Yoga
  • Date: 1/29/2018
  • Time:  5:00PM
  • Price: $25
  • Points: Not allowed this workshop
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