Gabriel Halpern: Props Are Us- Week 1

Jul 12
Gabriel Halpern
Gabriel Halpern: Props Are Us- Week 1

Gabriel Halpern: Props Are Us

Week 1- Belts

Contemporary yogis use props. Props safely teach many fundamentals necessary for further advancement in yoga. Execution of asanas that were previously out of reach now become accessible. The possibilities and variations of prop usage are limitless and can be done more safely and with better alignment. In these workshops, we will explore how many benefits accrue from adding props support to your poses. Each session will begin with one of Gabriel‘s classic power point presentations and dharma talks.

Thursday,July 12- Belts  
Thursday,July 19- Blocks 
Thursday,July 26- Wall Ropes

12:30 - 3:30pm

$50 each or $145 for the series

  • Workshop: Gabriel Halpern: Props Are Us- Week 1
  • Date: 7/12/2018
  • Time:  12:30PM
  • Price: $50
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Props Are Us 3 Week Series
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  • Props Are Us week 1
  • Props Are Us- Week 2
  • Props Are Us week 3
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